Licensed wedding venues in North Somerset

Wedding venues are one of the most important decisions you will make in your entire life. Your wedding is supposed to be a magical time to celebrate the love you have for your significant other. Below you will find 21 approved wedding venues that has the most magical places to get married in North Somerset.


Ashton Court Mansion

Ashton Court Mansion
Ashton Court Estate, Long Ashton
BS18 9JN

Brook Redwood Hotel And Country Club

Brook Redwood Hotel And Country Club
Beggar Bush Lane, Failand
BS8 3TG  

Coombe Lodge

Coombe Lodge
Bourne Lane, Blagdon, Somerset
BS40 7RQ

Lakewood Conference Centre

Lakewood Conference Centre
Rhodyate, Blagdon, Bristol
BS40 7YE

Plantations Restaurant

Plantations Restaurant
Middle Lane, Kingston Seymour
BS21 6XW 

Winford Manor

Winford Manor
Old Hill, Winford
BS40 8DW

Banwell Castle

Banwell Castle
Banwell, Somerset
BS29 6NX

Burwalls Centre

Burwalls Centre
Bridge Road, Leigh Woods, Bristol

Doubletree Hilton Cadbury House

Doubletree Hilton Cadbury House
Frost Hill, Congresbury
BS49 5AD 

Leigh Court

Leigh Court
Abbots Leigh

The Royal Hotel

The Royal Hotel
South Parade, Weston-Super-Mare
BS23 1JN

Beachlands Hotel

Beachlands Hotel
17 Uphill Road North, Weston-Super-Mare
BS23 4NQ

Clevedon Hall

Clevedon Hall
Victoria Road, Clevedon, Somerset
BS20 7SE

Grand Pier

Grand Pier
Marine Parade, Weston-Super-Mare
BS23 1AL

Lyncombe Lodge Hotel

Lyncombe Lodge Hotel
Lyncombe Drive, Churchill
BS25 5PQ

The Winter Gardens

The Winter Gardens
Royal Parade, Weston-Super-Mare
BS23 1AQ 

Brockley Combe Manor

Brockley Combe Manor
Chelvey, Nr Bristol
BS48 3DA

Commodore Hotel

Commodore Hotel
Sandbay, Weston-Super-Mare
BS22 9UZ

Grove House

Grove House
Grove Park, Weston- Super- Mare
BS23 2QJ

Oak And Glass

Oak And Glass
1 Uphill Road North, Weston-Super-Mare
BS23 4NE

Walton Park Hotel

Walton Park Hotel
Wellington Terrace, Clevedon
BS21 7BL