Licensed wedding venues in Bath

Wedding venues are one of the most important decisions you will make in your entire life. Your wedding is supposed to be a magical time to celebrate the love you have for your significant other. Below you will find an 29 approved wedding venue list that has the most magical places to get married in Bath. You will find everything from castles, outside gardens that have been beautifully landscaped, to churches and cathedrals for the perfect religion based wedding. Religion based weddings can be important to you, but they can also be very important to friends and especially family. Your family is counting on you to carry out the traditions of your elders in a fashionable and respectable way. Finding a wedding venue in Bath is easy through the sources you can find below.


The American Museum

The American Museum in Britain Claverton Manor, Bath BA2 7BD

Macdonald Bath Spa

MacDonald Bath Spa Hotel, Sydney Road, Bath BA2 6JF

Chewton Place

Chewton Place, Chewton Road, Keynsham, Bristol BS31 2SX

Holburne Museum

The Holburne Museum, Great Pulteney Street, Bath, BA2 4DB

Bath Priory Hotel

The Bath Priory Hotel, Weston Road Bath BA1 2XT

Old Rectory

The Old Rectory Bathampton Lane, Bathampton, Bath BA2 6ST

Riverside Inn

Riverside Inn, Saltford, Bristol
BS31 3EX

University of Bath

University of Bath, 6 West 1.17 Claverton Down, Bath, BA2 7AY

Bath Assembly Rooms

Assembly Rooms, Bennett Street, Bath,

Bath Racecourse

Bath Racecourse Lansdown, Bath

Barcelo Grove Manor

Barcelo Combe Grove Manor, Brassknocker Hill, Bath BA2 7HS

Homewood Park

Homewood Park Hotel, Hinton Charterhouse, Bath BA3 6BB

Mercure Francis Bath

Mecure Francis Hotel, Queen Square, Bath, BA1 2HH

The Old Court

The Old Court, Main Road, Temple Cloud, Bristol BS39 5DA

Royal Crescent Hotel

Royal Crescent Hotel, Royal Crescent, Bath

Wedding Venues Bath
Bailbrook House

Bailbrook House Hotel Eveleigh Avenue, London Road West, Bath BA1 7JD

The Boat House

The Boathouse, Newbridge Road, Bath

Folly Farm Centre

Folly Farm Centre Ltd, Stowey, Pensford, BS39 4DW

Hilton Bath

Hilton Bath City, Walcot Street, Bath

Little Theatre Cinema

The Little Theatre Cinema, St Michael's Place, Bath BA11SF

Priston Mill

Priston Mill, Priston, Near Bath

Chapel Arts

St James Memorial Hall, Lower Borough Walls, Bath BA1 1QR

Bath Pavillion

Bath Pavillion North Parade Road, Bath BA2 4EU

Cameley Lodge

Cameley Lodge, Cameley, Temple Cloud, Bristol BS39 5AH

The Guildhall Bath

The Guildhall, High Street, Bath

Lansdown Grove Hotel

Lansdown Grove Hotel, Lansdown Road, Bath BA1 5EH

Old Mill House

The Old Mill Hotel, Tollbridge Road, Batheaston, Bath BA1 7DE

Pump Room

Pump Room, Stall Street, Bath

The Theatre Royal Bath

The Royal Theatre, Saw Close, Bath BA1 1ET